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it's all about living a life organized by design

organized living

There are so many benefits to living an organized life. It's healthier, cost efficient and makes you feel happy and light. The weight of your things is weighing on you whether you realize it or not. Getting organized and staying organized takes work. But given the right tools and systems it can and will be life changing. 

Let's get you organized! 

event planning

Parties are fun... and a well-planned event going off without a hitch is the best. I have had the pleasure of creating and managing events for corporations and non-profits to destination weddings from the mountains to the sea. Not to mention the countless baby showers, birthday parties and holiday events. I once hosted a Yom Kippur Feast and I'm not even Jewish. Whatever your vision, I can make your event fun, beautiful and memorable.  

Let's throw a bash!  

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