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interior design
small space - big life

There is a lot of meaning to those four little words. Small space living can be very efficient and organized given the right tools. Having lived in apartment buildings or tiny homes a majority of my life, I understand how to build a space that is not only functional, but comfortable and inviting. When you surround yourself with purposeful, practical pieces that not only make sense there should be a little about you and your story in the space as well. What is your story? Nashville is full of them. We will help you purge, merge and purchase all the right things to create a home that will give you the biggest life possible.  


Designed well, a small space truly helps you live a better life...

a life organized by design.  

the process
"Form follows function, that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."    - Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Initial Consultation - one hour - $100.oo

  • Discuss your thoughts, challenges and ideas

  • Create a plan considering budget and timeline

  • Review design presentation 

  • Upon approval - ordering will take place and general delivery times established 

  • Delivery and Installation 

  • Final project walk-thru 

the broadway

So much fun to be had in telling this story. It's a collector's dream space and Nashville has treasure after treasure to be discovered to add layers to this style of design. 

the seashore

Ahhh... the idea of the seashore is always good. There is a sense of peace in this story. Just as the design board represents, it can be a story told by mixing bold neutral colors and textures.  Or it could be full of the beautiful colors of the sky and the sea.

the penthouse

Sophisticated yet approachable. Entertainment space that is cozy. Not too serious, actually kind of sexy. This story is defined by clean lines, practical and purposeful pieces that bring the beauty.  

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